Engagement Blues and Blushing Pink !!!

Hot pink and blue ! This was the color theme for Dhaani’s engagement ceremony function. Getting married to Anuj, her childhood friend. I was there in time and after matching all the colors and gathering my make-up magic ingredients i sipped my coffee before the bride to be was to get ready.

Suddenly the door banged and Anuj, the groom,  came in gushing asking for Dhaani ! For the next 15 minutes there was absolute chaos in the house till Dhaani came in and said now get me ready, after she had worn her dress !

As i started to cleanse her face, tears started to roll down her cheeks and she said, I love him but i don’t love him. I want to marry him but i don’t want to be with him all the time. I silently kept doing my work of getting my bride ready.  She again asked me ” what would you do if you were in my place, i love Anuj but i’m not in love with him, i’m jus marrying him for his and our family’s happiness. I remained silent for a while n said ” i can make u look good but cant make u smile, love cannot be forced, marriage can be.” Decide what u want, inside happiness for you and Anuj or just a compromise with outside and forced love. And as i said this” her make-up was all set and she got up with a smile on her face as if she was all decided on what to do.

Dhaani looked a beautiful combination of fire-n-ice in hot pink and blue, with diamonds and glittering blue eyes and blushing pink make-up. The ceremony started and standing on the stage Dhaani held Anuj’s hand and with the holding the microphone in the other hand, she said  “Anuj i dont know whether i get married to you or not but i promise you, we will be friends forever, lets not get engaged, we are bonded since childhood, lets get connected more to be involved, lets postpone the ring-exchange” !

Anuj held her hand, kissed her cheek and said “thank -you so much i also feel the same”.

Both families who were witness to all this were shocked, but within minutes there were smiles on the stage as they announced all to have lunch and enjoy the party.

As for me, A make-up artist, i realised the importance of inner beauty and was once again confirmed with my faith that any make-up or dress up only looks good when we are in sync with the inside.

And for your information: Dhaani and Anuj both are now married for 4 years and yes i did her bridal make-up, where she looked amazing in red n gold with the glow of her love for Anuj.




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