Makeup or soul food!!!!

This was the first time i had said yesto a bridal make-up, without meeting the bride and checking the costume.I was to get a 65 year old bride ready, who was wearing a beautiful red Lehnga, with amazing Kundan jewellery, and i was nervous, can i match her grace, dress and confidence???? This make-up seemed like a challenge of a lifetime, but turned out to be soul-food !

Mamataji was getting married again at 65. She was no widow, no spinster, but yes a divorcee, who was divorced two days back by her ex-husband so that she could marry the one she always loved, but sacrificed all for her parents wish.Blessed with two daughters and an amazing ex-husband Pradeepji, Mamata was looking nervous like any bride in her twenties would.

I took exactly 2 hours in getting my bride ready, who thanked me, blessed me and kissed me on my forehead and walked to the mandap with her two lovely daughters, who were both in her late twenties.

I sat there in the room, thinking, does all this also exist, does love exist in this world of fake. I as a make-up artist sat there and thought, in this made up world, do real people exist. i had been a make-up artist for over a decade now, but today i realised what does “ Solah Singhaar means”. The value of Solah Singhaar and dressing up for the one you love has a different grace and glow, age has nothing to do with it.

Though we are told about happy endings, but this wedding washed away my Kaajal completely as i drove home to get the news that Mamtaji died of a heart attack sitting in the Mandap, holding hands of her ex-husband and the love of her life, right next to her two daughters and grand-children.

Love makes you Speechless !!!





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