A girl next door from AMEX!

Meet our specialist and celebrity makeup artist Aashima Arora. Yes, you have seen her and read about her on her Facebook page, #Aashimathemakeupdiva

The diehard number cruncher who joined the much reputed American Express Bank as Financial Analyst in 2006 left her journey in finance as Senior Financial Manager in 2011.

This was her fruitful effort at reinventing herself as she joined India’s leading salon as a franchise owner at Dwarka. The girl, who had a huge collection of Barbie dolls and dresses, found her new wonderland where she made people look good with her amazing artistic and creative sense. That she won many hearts and appreciation for her fashion, color and makeup sense, was definitely not coincidental.

As she kept learning and climbing the hierarchy in the company, she became adept at the nuances of beauty and wellness industry from operations to makeup, floor management, team hiring and business development. Regular training with various professional products, she mastered the art of “making people look good business” in her own way.

The journey reached a milestone when her passion got stamped by professionals like Makeup Studio, Wella, Lo’real, and Kryloan.

Ashima further sharpened her skills through hands-on training in various products ranging from Olaplex, Mac, Lotus, Casmara, Global Keratin, O3+, Rica, Kerafusion. The list is endless.

Year 2017, she has gathered all her passion to launch her own brand ARTISANS. This unisex salon follows a simple philosophy that the beauty and wellness industry belongs to millions of ARTISANS who work in various salon, parlours and lounges to give you that look that reflects your true self in the mirror.

At 33, this young but now seasoned and passionate professional, brings to you her dream at ARTISANS – to make people look their best. Come meet her and know what happens to a number cruncher when the dreams of a beauty expert come true.