The Most Unforgettable Bride

Bridal make-up has always been very close to my heart, because of the colour red, festivities, happiness and love attached to our Indian weddings.
Last winters, I was getting a bride ready. For obvious reasons, she was very nervous and kept asking me: “Kya main bhi sundar lagungi like other brides”, to which I kept assuring her that every bride looks pretty, as it’s the glow of love, a new relationship and hope for a beautiful tomorrow.
Every time I told her this, I myself started to get nervous as to why was she so conscious of her looks. Then finally I asked her, why are you so conscious? I tried to lighten up her mood and get her to relax by asking if the dulha was very good looking or a Bollywood hero? To my utter shock, she replied: “I have never seen him, because I can’t see. But “HE” can see me.”
I was kinda jolted out of my earlier shock and had to pull myself together before I got my favourite, unforgettable and world’s most-beautiful bride ready.



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