The white ME !

The heat and sweat was killing me and like every summer i dreaded the reds, blues greens for make-up, and there came a relief. The phone bell rang and i was requested a booking for a Christian bride. She wanted to wear pink shades to go with her white and peach white wedding gown. Elina, the name of the bride-to-be was just 22 and getting married to the love of her life. The special moment of my clicked when i picked up my brush to start her make-up and she said, make me look LIKE you.
We both smiled at each other and as i got her ready for her to walk down the aisle, i knew i was giving a bit of me to her and taking a bit of her. One thing i realised as i wrapped up my make-up kit was that we make-up artists, need to have lots of love, passion and warmth in us to pass it on to our clients, coz skills only make-up but love and passion glows.
So keep passing the love with your make-up …!



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