Why she wore white lehnga for her wedding!

Once again it was my favourite day, bridal make-up and dressing her relatives for a big fat Punjabi Hindu wedding. I was excited about all reds and the golden glow.

As i sat in a huge maharaja suite of a 7-starer hotel waiting to get the bride ready, Ritika the 23 old bride-to-be walked towards me carrying a white dress. “i am wearing white lehnga and white gold with diamonds”, said Ritika in a very candid tone, and my heart sank,” why , why white and why not red, ???

“Don’t be shocked, i am wearing white as i am a widow, lost my pilot husband, three days after marriage, so in my decision to re-marry i had told my parents that i will marry as a widow and wear red color only on my first anniversary, so my family had a tough time finding me good suitors. Till i met Pankaj, who wanted to marry me the moment i met him in London, when my dad told Pankaj about my condition on the bridal dress, he laughed and laughed and hugged me, “ finally i have the right bride, will marry you in white and get a special diamond studded dress ready for you, and i will wear a silver Achkan to compliment you, hope thats okay with you. “

As Ritika my bride of the day, narrated the story, my eyes were filled with water, with my kaajal all washed away, i looked up to the almighty and said, thank you for giving this girl a new life, studied with diamonds.

That evening everyone who came to the wedding was shocked as much i was when i had met Ritika with her lehnga. The couple took their seven vows, in their white silver and diamond studied attires and for me i will confess that the glitter of diamond surely beat the glow of gold for me once.

On this very day, i, a make-up artist realised, marriages cannot be confined to just color, but everything to do with LOVE , soul bonding and that spark in the two eyes is true matrimony and companionship.



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